Sante Parole: Stephen McRobbie (The Pastels)

The PastelsWhen we started there was a ‘cassette culture’ and a network of cassette-trading and fanzines and you got your music out like that. Now, it is just different means of dissemination but it is still about networks and trying to reach people. It’s more structured now but there is so much music out there and a much smaller market. People are really, really sophisticated nowadays – they can hear something and check it out immediately. When we were young trying to find a record could take so long. You’d read about it and literally take years to find a copy. Now, there are these kids who have heard everything. New groups will have the most sophisticated influences you can imagine. Sometimes it can be a bit doughnut-like – they know all the interesting peripheral stuff but they’ve never heard The Beatles.

Stephen “Pastel” McRobbie a tutto campo in una lunga e bella intevista su The Quietus, per presentare Slow Summits il nuovo album dei Pastels.